Blessing Oil

Blessing Oil

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A household necessity used to bless your home or anoint someone with intention.  Made with holy myrrh, hyssop and frankincense as mentioned by God in the Old Testament.  Blessing and anointing oil has been used for thousands of years.  In this oil there is healing and protection... the oil is a symbol of your faith that God will offer his healing and protection.  The herbs used have healing properties created by the only creator that deserves all the glory... GOD.  


How to Use: Dab oil with finger and apply to all openings of the home: windows and doors using the sign of the cross.  As you do so, remember to pray and say your intention.  Can also use to bless children as they leave for school or someone you know may be ill.  Remember to use the oil along with prayer.  Can be taken to priest or pastor for blessing before use.  

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